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Things to Note Before Purchasing a Home in Apache Junction, Arizona

Apache Junction, AZ, is a laidback area with a suburban feel and a friendly vibe. You see more elder people living their lives in a comfortable setting. Some people that visit or live here want to do away with the city atmosphere of Phoenix and have a bit of peace. Here are some things to note before purchasing a home in Chandler and Apache Junction.


Whether you want to purchase some Apache Junction real estate to retire or raise a family, it has some quality schools for your kids. You want your kid to grow up in a place with a solid curriculum to help them enrich their lives before going out into the world.

On the high school level, Imagine Prep Superstition is one of the top schools in the area. It’s called “The College Prep School of the East Valley.” It’s a solid school for your kids because of the small student body.

Kids will feel like they have more of a personal connection with their teachers, which can help them learn more. The average graduation rate is 95%, and many do well in advanced placement courses. Math is the strong suit for over 60% of the student body. They tend to go to colleges such as Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, and Grand Canyon University.

The strong academics, diverse atmosphere, and extracurricular activities make this an incredible place for your teenagers to attend.

Your kid might want to attend a local college, such as Central Arizona College. However, they may set their sights higher by attending Arizona State University (about 30 minutes away from Apache Junction).

Apache Junction also has some great parks to check out. Superstition Mountains provides a fun local getaway for the weekend. Whether you had a stressful week at work or school, this is a spot to help you relax.

The hike gets more challenging the further you go up the mountain. Another spot to visit is Silly Mountain Park. Your child might like this area better.

The various trails and challenges make it intriguing, but the views make this spot special. The birds, the cacti, coyote sightings, and everything else can make it a unique trip. Be sure to look at the weather before heading out because this area can have scorching heat.


Apache has more of a small town and family-friendly feel (compared to the big cities in Arizona). You can raise your kids and enjoy affordable and local shops. The main gripe is substance use in various parts of the city.

However, this would be the place for elders to retire because of the family and retirement communities.  This atmosphere makes it easier for an out-of-towner to adjust to changes. Additionally, it makes for a better support system for kids growing up and going to school in the area.

Consider this before you find a house for sale and move here to help you see whether or not it would be great to raise a family while you find a solid job position.

The Apache Junction Police Department works closely with the community to help provide the best protection possible. The community crime map shows different arson, assault, burglary, DUI, homicide, and vandalism crimes in the city. The online mapping program helps give citizens alerts to keep them abreast of their community.

Since 1978, this police department has focused on improving the quality of life for residents, businesses, and visitors. The community aspect of their service makes it more comfortable for residents to address any issues to help them feel safer at home or on the streets.

Crime Rates

The crime is pretty low overall. Stay cautious traveling by yourself, but know the violent crimes tend to be much lower than in other cities in the U.S. However, keep an eye out for your belongings and invest in an alarm system.

Most of the crimes are theft, vehicle theft, and burglary. Keep your kids in a safe spot because there are some hot spots for drug crimes. For the most part, this is a city safe for various ages, and the community looks out for itself.

Real Estate Trends

Apache Junction realtors and Tempe real estate markets show that home prices have increased to over 32%. Even with the unemployment rate at around 7.8%, the job market has also grown. The cost of living is about 3.4% lower than in other cities in the U.S.

The market is very competitive because the median price of a home starts at $400,000+. You can find a single-family home for as low as $300,000 by using a realtor in Apache Junction. It includes two bedrooms and two bathrooms (a good size for starting a family).

For $560,000, you can get four beds and three bathrooms. Whether you’re contemplating a family or already have a few kids, there are various places to choose to help you live out your life.