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Things to Take Into Consideration Before Purchasing a Home in Chandler, Arizona

Chandler, AZ, is a city made for upper mobility. Many families live here after establishing their careers, and it has a quality school system any parent would want their kids to attend. Not to mention, it has a downtown strip to keep things fun and unique. Here are some things to consider before buying a home in Mesa or Chandler, Arizona.


Besides the real estate homes for sale, you might be thinking about the schools in the area. If you plan to raise kids in Chandler, it’s a solid place with great schools and academics to help your child get a more global outlook. One of the top places for your child to attend is Archway Chandler (a Great Hearts Academy).

Archway Chandler is a state-chartered K-5 school that offers a traditional liberal arts education. It helps prepare students for middle school and beyond. The rigorous curriculum can help your kid take on more advanced coursework as they mature.

It’s on the same property as Chandler Preparatory Academy, which has a high graduation rate, and most kids go off to college.

Another school for your child to attend is Paragon Science Academy. If your child has a passion and talent for the sciences, this is a facility that can help nurture their talent. It’s a public school charter with a solid college-prep program.

It has a STEM focus to help kids reach the next level in Science and Math courses. It serves grades K-12 and has a solid reputation for ranking consistently in the top 18-20 schools, especially for high schoolers.  With a 100% graduation rate, it’s not hard to see why these gifted kids become college-bound. A Chandler realtor can help you get into this school district.

Chandler also has some beautiful parks to help you relax or get some adventure away from your house. Does your kid have some energy he needs to burn off? Gilbert Regional Park that’s free to enjoy and will keep your kids occupied with a stellar playground. The adults will enjoy the volleyball/tennis courts and amphitheater.

If you want a bit more adventure, the Veterans Oasis Park is a beautiful spot where you can see various wildlife from birds, hares, and more. It has a great walking trail to get some exercise and take in some sights. Have a romantic evening with your significant by taking in a picnic while looking at the sunset over the lake.


Chandler is generally a safe place to live. It has a city vibe, which brings certain elements, especially with transplants. People that live here say that the Eastern part of the city is one of the safer spots to dwell.

The diverse area brings out various things. On one side, you have some people living in poverty. However, many college kids live here because they have access to some of the best schools in Arizona.

Overall, this is still one of the better cities to work and inhabit in the United States. The strong economy and opportunities for young professionals continue to grow. Additionally, people enjoy the coffee shops and parks to unwind or get their week started on the right foot.

The Chandler Police Department has a heavy presence in the community. They work to ensure the safety of residents and visitors to help them live, work, and thrive in this city. This department has over 334 sworn officers and over 171 civilians serving three police stations: the Main Station, Chandler Heights substation, and Desert Breeze substation.

Crime Rates

Most violent crimes tend to be much lower than in the average U.S. city.  You’ll feel comfortable walking around this busy city. Take precautions when it comes to your valuables. Property theft, arson, and burglary are more frequent crimes.

Make sure you have a car and home alarm to help deter thieves. You’ll feel much better that you take quality steps to help you keep your belongings safe from light fingers. Vandalism also tends to be high, so it’s good to have security cameras to monitor activity from your mailbox to various parts of your house.

Never feel ashamed that you cover the bases to help your family and precious items.

Chandler Real Estate Trends

Even in an economic downturn, the real estate market rises above 21%. The median price for a home is over $530,000. Chandler realtors operate in a very competitive market due to homes selling 7% above the list price.

That explains why more people are finding reasons to move to Apache Junction and Chandler. Many people are well-off in Chandler, so it’s not surprising to see single-family homes for $950,000. Some residents have multi-million dollar businesses and want to live in the lap of luxury.

You can expect these homes to cost $3 million to $12 million. It depends on what you want to look for in the market for your family or your business goals. Find your dream house for sale today with a qualified realtor in Chandler, Arizona.