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What You Should Know Before Moving to Queen Creek, Arizona

Queen Creek is a medium-sized area that still retains that small-town feel. It has fun places to shop, eat, and even ride horses. The modern amenities mixed with traditional things can help make your stay more enjoyable. Here are some things to know before finding a home in Scottsdale and Queen Creek, Arizona.


Along with finding the ideal real estate property, think of moving here so your kids can attend some great schools.

Consider sending your younger kids to Benjamin Franklin Charter School. Your little one will get an accelerated education with core values, such as respect, compassion, and responsibility. BFCS cares about how your kid will impact the world.

It’s not just about academics because they prepare students to be solid human beings. Balancing scholarly pursuits mixed with a quality person can help them reach for better opportunities. It ranks #35 among the Best Charter Elementary Schools in Arizona.

Students here have a reading proficiency of 66% and math proficiency of 70%. Between small reading groups, recess, music, and physical education, the kids will also get quality enrichment mentally and physically.

Another school for your kid to attend when he gets older is Casteel High School. It has grades ranging from 7 to 12. It’s a great institution to help you turn your teenagers into young adults.

The students have high test scores in reading, math, and science. Additionally, the extracurricular activities show kids how to work together in a team space. It can help them prepare for college and later in life when they apply some of these skills to the real world. Get in touch with a realtor in Queen Creek to help you find a home for sale that fits your specific needs.

The parks also have a great touch to add to the area. One of the best parts to visit is San Tan Mountain Regional Park. Here you can enjoy different trails, and some are perfect for your kids. If you want some more adventure, you can ride your mountain bike or do some horseback riding.

Take a load off the everyday hustle and bustle of school and work. Also, see what Queen Creek offers outside of the restaurants, stores, and mainstream attractions. You’ll feel much better about the community and understand the heart and soul of the area.


Overall, Queen Creek has a low crime rate compared to the national average. This makes it a desired place to live. People of all ages will feel more comfortable being in this area of Arizona to live their life as they intended. Many people consider the east part of the city to be the safest.

Also, it feels more tight-knit because of the town’s small size. It has a family atmosphere to help you get adjusted quickly. Whether you want to retire here at your mature age or think about starting a family, the parks, mountains, shops, and restaurants give you a mixed bag of things to do throughout the week.

It’s close to Phoenix to get your high-tech job but avoid the city excitement. You’ll feel more relaxed in the town away from the star attraction. Think about how it’ll help you and your family live in a calmer atmosphere.

Queen Creek Police Department just launched this year and continues to grow. They believe in serving the town with respect, compassion, and trust. Although the police officers have only been in the area since January 2022, they take different measures to help the community.

You can contact them on their site to file a complaint and even see who the offenders are in town. It can keep you and your family safe. They started getting the program together back in July 2020 and knew they had to create something from scratch to help the community.

Crime Rate

The crime rate is pretty low compared to other parts of Arizona. Since it’s not in the big cities, it still has that family-friendly feel where people look out for others. It makes any new visitor feel more welcome, especially if they have kids and spouses.

While violent crimes aren’t prevalent here, you still have to watch out for thieves. Make sure that your home has a quality security system. Keep your cameras on to help deter home burglaries or car theft.

Additionally, you want to keep your eyes glued to potential lurkers who may be scoping your place out. The great thing about living in the community is building rapport with your neighbors to do more community outreach to prevent these problems from occurring.

Real Estate Trends in Queen Creek

Queen Creek is more for upper-middle-class housing. It’s a nice area to retire or start building up properties to help you establish things for the year. The town has a quality growth of 28% for home prices this year.

While you can purchase some solid real estate properties in Phoenix and Queen Creek for under $800,000, the more exclusive single-family homes start at $1.5 million. The Pacans is an excellent neighborhood. Think about what you need to establish for your loved ones in the short and long term. Start working with a Queen Creek realtor today and move into the perfect house today.