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Things to Know Before Moving to Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale is one of the most livable cities in the West. Many people are well-educated and focus on creating a cohesive community to help benefit everyone. The cultural and art vibes of the city make it fun to live in this area. Here are some things to note before buying a home for sale and transplanting to Scottsdale, Arizona.


Of course, you want to work with a real estate agent in Tempe or realtor in Scottsdale to help you find an incredible home to fit your family’s needs. Also, you need to think about the ideal school that’ll help your kid grow and learn from toddler to young adult. One of the best places to start is BASIS Scottsdale.

BASIS Scottsdale is one of the best public high schools in Arizona. The grades range from 5 to 12. Kids have a chance to develop and get into their niche before graduating from high school. The public charter ranks high as a top 3 STEM high school.

If you want to challenge your kid, let him attend this school to take an academic acceleration to push to the next level. The graduation rate is 95%, which explains the high reading (91%) and math proficiency (93%).

Another school for your son to look forward to is Brophy College Preparatory. It’s an all-boys private school from grades 6 to 12. The average graduation rate is 100%.

They have a stellar academic program mixed in with athletic prowess. Brophy excels in sports, such as soccer, hockey, lacrosse, and tennis. The 14:1 student to teacher ratio makes learning more engaging.

Whether your kid wants to excel or hone their athletic skills, it’s a quality college preparatory school to help them go up a few notches before university. Finding a home for sale in Scottsdale is a way for a parent to get their child into that school district.

Scottsdale is home to various parks in the area. Here are a couple of places that your family may want to check out.

Going to Pinnacle Peak Park is one of the best ways to get out of the city. Enjoy the Sonoran Desert and get a tan. The hike isn’t too bad, and it gives you a chance to bond with your family after a long week. Take some water and enjoy the views while you go on a two-hour walk.

If you have a little furry friend, Chaparral Dog Park is a fun place to enjoy with your fur baby. The lawns give the spot a spacious vibe that can help your dog run around and burn off some steam. Also, it’s a spot to meet other dog lovers.


Scottsdale is a pretty nice area with the cost of living over 33% higher than the rest of the U.S. The weather is solid for half of the year, making it ideal for young entrepreneurs, families, and retirees that want to get away from the cold East Coast weather.

Scottsdale can be a hot spot during tourist season. Around this time, it’s wise to watch yourself because things may get hectic in the downtown area. There are various festivals and events that people want to enjoy, from beverage events to street fairs.

It’s much cleaner and more welcoming compared to other parts of Phoenix. The cleanliness makes it an attractive place for residents to settle down and tourists to visit frequently.

It’s been an uneasy few years for the Scottsdale Police Department with shootings and other incidents. However, they still do their best to help safeguard the lives of the community with sworn officers, civilian employees, and volunteers. Scottsdale Police Department has four districts with 20 beats.

Despite everything, they continue to fight for the community and provide quality service.

Crime Rate

As a whole, Scottsdale is safer than 50% of the cities in the U.S. However, there are some areas where you should use caution when traveling. The downtown area can have some violent streaks.

The main issue to worry about is property theft. Keep in mind to always lock your vehicle, put your personal belongings away, and have a quality alarm system. You don’t want your home broken in due to carelessness.

Consider investing in a solid security system to give you peace of mind. Also, you want to alert law enforcement if there’s a breach on your property. Do some research on what areas might prove unsafe for your family.

You’ll feel more comfortable doing this before you move to a specific part of Scottsdale.

Scottsdale Real Estate Trends

Scottsdale has an intriguing vibe having just as much notoriety as Phoenix. The dining, business interests, and sports have made Scottsdale a hotspot. It’s no surprise that home prices have gone up 24.5%.

The average price of a quality spot in Scottsdale is over $700,000. You can find a single-family home in Queen Creek for that price with four beds and two baths. Consider your choices when you move out to the area to help you decide if you want to raise a family or start your brand. Make sure to use a trustworthy realtor in Scottsdale to help you find your dream home for sale today.