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Some Factors to Check Before Moving to Tempe Arizona

Tempe, AZ, has a big city appearance with a college-town appeal. It’s perfect for those establishing a more modern family approach, and young adults can blossom in arts and culture. However, it still has the wildlife appeal making Arizona a special place for visiting. Here are some factors to check before starting your search for a home for sale in Tempe, Arizona.


Tempe is another area with prime real estate in Scottsdale and Tempe that can help you gain a solid property and work well for your kids in school. Consider the quality of life when raising your kid in a new neighborhood and having an educational background. Here are two schools that would help your child succeed.

If you’re looking for a more traditional education for your young child or pre-teen, Ward Traditional Academy is a quality school for them to attend. They help create a solid curriculum for students by having traditional instruction, research, and high student achievement in a positive atmosphere.

The elements help create a sound environment for your kid to grow and develop their skills from a young age. Your kid will have the experience of using technology on a solo basis because of Ward’s one-to-one motif. Each student is issued an iPad or Chromebook for the day. The Promoting Actualization through Creativity and Excellence) program help serves the need of gifted students.

James Madison Preparatory School is a sound institution for grades 6-12. The 14:1 student-to-teacher ratio is great to help your child get the engagement needed to excel in his classes. The Honors and AP courses will educate them and build work ethic to take their education to a collegiate level.

Also, they can put this same energy into theater acting, sports, or other academic outlets outside of the classroom. It helps them become well-rounded in school and life. You need this type of reinforcement to help them develop into quality human beings. Using a realtor in Tempe can help get your child into your ideal school district.

After a long week at the job or school, you need a place to relax and unwind outside the city. Consider going to a park to help you get some fresh air and spend time with the family. Here are two parks to visit.

Papago Park is a solid one that allows you to enjoy a nice walk without exerting yourself. Seniors can get some light exercise in a comfortable environment. Various trails lead up to the mountain.

Tempe Town Lake is a park with a relaxing lake atmosphere. Think about going here to ease your mind and do some kayaking with your family. It’s a fun way to get into the water and try something different.

Additionally, you can go to special events, such as Way Out Oktoberfest and Ironman Arizona. Keep this in mind when you start traveling to various places.


The place is generally a safe spot for different demographics to enjoy. Also, Arizona State University is one of the main attractions. It has a college-town atmosphere to give it a more youthful vibe.

Of course, you should always be on alert walking the streets at night. However, it’s not like many other cities with a downtown presence. The shops, restaurants, and other amenities can bring tourists, but it doesn’t feel as congested as downtown Phoenix. You have space to move around and keep things on a calmer level if you don’t care for all of the city commotions.

Additionally, the police presence is heavy here to help keep everyone safe. The Tempe Police Department knows that the 195,000+ population continues to grow, and they’re willing to take steps to build strong partnerships with communities, city councils, city departments, and more.

The police understand the value of engaging with the people and bringing them together in a leadership role to help the greater good.

Crime Rate

You’ll see a low level of violent crime here in Tempe. However, vandalism and theft tend to be high. Since Arizona State University is in this town, you can expect locals to prey on student items. Take advantage of the heightened law enforcement to alert authorities.

Always lock your doors, get quality security systems, and other deterrents to help keep your home and car safe from robbers. It also helps to take different pathways to your home or work when driving. You want preventative measures to keep potential thieves from clocking your moves.

Tempe Real Estate Trends

Tempe is a pretty nice area to find job growth or raise a family. The median house price is $525,000. The property values have risen 34.6% compared to last year, so buy something now before things continue to be on the up and up.

You can get a single-family home in Apache Junction (four beds and two bathrooms) for $525,000. If you want to step things up to a more luxurious spot, you’re talking $680,000+. Start looking for your dream home for sale in Tempe using a qualified realtor.