Your New Home Awaits

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Homes for Sale in your neighborhood

You may not know it, but that neighbor with the awesome new build could be selling his home. They could be halfway through the contract and guess what, you missed out! A for sale sign out front isn’t the only way to watch the market. You need to be plugged in, and we’re here to help! The link below will take you to an interactive map. Zoom in on your neighborhood and see what’s moving. Your new home awaits, let’s go get it!

Homes For Sale Near Me

How can I see homes that aren’t listed for sale?

It’s true, the market never sleeps. A lot of times two parties come together before there is chance for a home to be placed for sale. What happens then? Well, the general public misses out; and in this market that hits even harder. The workaround is to build a relationship with a Real Estate Broker so you can be the first to know when something is getting ready to go on the market. Check in often and work alongside them to find the right one. Your new home awaits you, don’t wait for it.

We encourage you to come into the office. Chat with the agents, use our computers, and get excited!

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This article was written by Joshua Shull, the President and Broker of Shull Homes. His passion for building homes, businesses, and relationships has crafted the perfect blend of industry in Real Estate. Reach out to him on LinkedIn to share ideas, plan goals, or just to make a new friend.


Your New Home Awaits

This custom home stands out among its neighbors. Built with character, built with love.