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Discover the freedom to grow with comprehensive support, zero transaction costs, and powerful marketing tools.


Why Choose Us?

Build Your Own Business:

You entered this industry with the ambition of being your own boss.

We’re here to make that ambition a reality, empowering your growth with the freedom to pursue strategies that resonate with your vision.

Along your journey, you’ll have our unwavering support every step of the way.

Earnings and Savings:

Your earnings should stay where they belong – with you. That’s why we’ve eliminated monthly and transactional fees.

Our approach involves a simple annual fee, which provides you with cutting-edge technology and sets the stage for your success.

Our model is distinct, charging administrative fees only when you require support. As you grow more proficient in managing your business, your potential to earn increases, ensuring your hard work directly benefits your bottom line.

Accountability and Support:

We mandate that you secure your own E&O insurance, yet we’ve formed partnerships with providers to secure you substantial discounts. 

To facilitate smoother negotiations and ensure compliance, we offer comprehensive contract templates and sophisticated back office software.

Moreover, we provide scenario training to ensure you’re well-prepared for any situation.

Marketing and Lead Generation:

Shull Homes offers both internal and external marketing programs. 

You’ll gain access to these resources, allowing you to tailor your own brand presence. 

Leverage the tools we’ve developed to forge your own client pipelines.

Tap Into Our Other Services:

Typically, a real estate agent’s income is confined to proceeds from property sales.

However, our team has the unique opportunity to earn from referral business across a broad spectrum of client services, not just real estate transactions but across the Shull Umbrella.

Retirement and Benefits:

We have partnered with top-tier benefits providers in the industry, ensuring you have the option
to access medical insurance and retirement plans should you choose to do so.

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Empower Your Real Estate Career

Unlock the potential of your real estate business with Shull Homes, where your ambitions meet unparalleled support and freedom. 

Our comprehensive suite of services—from marketing tools to exclusive access to a broad spectrum of client services under the Shull Umbrella—equips you to build your brand and expand your income sources beyond property sales.